4 Tips on Workplace Safety

by Don Marshall

Don Marshall - Jun 18 2020

4 Top Tips for keeping your Workplace Safe and Hygienic as you Return to Work 

Iwanted to point you in the direction of some of the hints and tips we have as well as the products we sell that can help ensure your place of work is safe and hygienic for your staff, visitors and customers.
COVID-19 is now a reportable disease under RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) and so if a member of staff contracts the coronavirus, then it must be reported and unless YOU, as an employer, have taken all possible steps to ensure the safety of your staff you could end up being prosecuted. 

These are the 4 things you should be doing so to ensure safety in relation to the current situation:

1. Carry out a Risk Assessment - you can find some example template that you can download here for FREE:

2. Ensure you have adequate Sanitising products, stations and processes in place - general cleaning needs to be increased with all high flow areas sanitised several times a day. All staff should have easy access to sanitisers and points around the business premises.
We have a full range of Hand Sanitisers, Disinfectants and some great Sanitisation Stands to see here:

3. Implement Social Distancing Rules - these can be enforced with various items such as signage, floor markers, matting as well as desk screens and walkway & workstation dividers and can be found here:

4. Provide Adequate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) - you should allocate a set of gloves, face masks and an individual hand sanitiser spray to all members of staff as a minimum and ensure protocols are in place for when they need to be used.
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Article credit : Don Marshall - Safe Hygienic Warehouse