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Hygiene Closed Deck Standard Pallet 1200x1000mm - 9 Feet

Hygiene Closed Deck Standard Pallet 1200x1000mm - 9 Feet

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This pallet designed to provide the highest hygienic conditions for white room environments. Completely plain and closed equipment, both in its upper and lower surfaces.

  • Particularly suited to total hygiene requirements of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
  • High impact resistance - suitable for automation
  • High quality manufacture, ideal for use in return/pooling logistics systems
  • Particularly suited to white room environments
  • The heavy duty plastic pallet that will cover most applications
  • Completely closed surfaces that facilitate cleaning

Load Capacities based on uniformly distributed loads (UDL)

  • Size: Standard (1200x1000mm)
  • Height: 130mm
  • Weight: 15.5KG
  • Rims: Yes
  • Deck Type: Closed
  • Base Type: 9 Feet
  • Static Load: 5000KG
  • Dynamic Load: 1000KG
  • Racking Load: N/A
  • Material: Virgin HDPE
  • Colour: Light Grey