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Caspian Orange Safety Goggle Clear AF/AS Polycarb Goggle

Caspian Orange Safety Goggle Clear AF/AS Polycarb Goggle

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With indirect ventilation and ASAF coating, the UCi Caspian Safety Goggles SG10 are the ideal item for a variety of professionals. The goggles provide optimal protection against various risks, and promote wearability thanks to their lightweight nature and inner face seal.

Inner face seal provides maximum comfort and protection Includes indirect ventilation to shield from dust particles Protects from a wide range of risks factors, such as liquids Features anti-scratch and anti-fog coating for higher reliability


Frame Marking: EN 166 3 B

Lens Marking: EN 166 1 B N

Frame Strength: B

Frame Style: 3

Optical Quality: 1

Lens Property: B, N